Media Kitty

Date: originally 2001

Media Kitty is a travel & tourism portal site connecting travel writers and public relations professionals. Since rebuilding and relaunching the site with ShakingHand, Media Kitty has seen traffic increase from about 200 visits a week to over 1,000 a day - and rising! Read their site re-launch news release here.

This site uses .NET role-based authentication scheme to differentiate between various types of members, supplying or denying them specific content based on their needs. This has allowed the owners to create new ways of driving revenue through increased membership options.

Thanks to the role-based authentication scheme, administration of the site is integrated into the actual web pages rather than through a seperate administration site. This makes site administration much easier and more intuitive, and has led to far less maintenance work - and that means lower cost of ownership.

SQL Server Full Text Search is also employed to allow comprehensive & granular searching of all site content. Posts and member profiles can be searched for keywords, allowing members to find what they want faster.

The live site can be viewed here. Media Kitty is a members-only site, but guests are able to take a tour.

Media Kitty